I'm a literary agent, with many years of editorial and writing experience. I've worked as a book editor, an academic editor, a test developer, a writing teacher and a professional writer. In my spare time I write fiction under a pen name and have had three novels published (HarperCollins).



Manuscript evaluation

I'll read your manuscript, making comments throughout, using track changes. I'll comment on inconsistencies, problems with continuity, believability issues, and other suggestions that arise as I read.

reader reports

I'll read your complete manuscript. I'll provide a two-page report highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of your book. I'll provide feedback on plot, pacing, structure, voice, style and character development. I'll let you know what I think works and what needs attention. I'll include recommendations for editing.


I'll read through your entire manuscript, fine-tuning with a professional eye. I'll ensure that the syntax of your writing is smooth, that your writing is grammatically correct and free of spelling errors, and that your punctuation is correctly placed. I use Word track changes as I edit, so you can accept or reject suggested changes. Please note that this is not a line edit, but rather a fine-tuning and final polish to manuscripts that are complete and have most likely gone through several drafts. Before I take on a project, I will assess the manuscript to ensure it fits this criteria. This service is ideal for writers who are ready to query agents or are intending to self-publish.

I work with book writers of most genres of fiction including literary, general and commercial fiction, women's fiction, thrillers, historical, romance and young adult. I also work with writers of nonfiction on select projects including memoir.

I do not edit poetry, screenplays, picture books or middle grade fiction.

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The majority of my time is dedicated to the work I do as a literary agent and the clients I represent.

Because my time is limited, I can't take on all the editorial work requested of me. Most of the editorial projects I work on have already gone through several drafts before they arrive in my inbox. I reserve the right to decline work if I feel it is still a long way from being ready to publish, or if I simply don't have the time to dedicate to taking the manuscript where I feel it needs to go. I can't guarantee writers I work with will get published; what I can guarantee is that I will do my best to put you in a better position to present your work.

Please note that my services as a literary agent are very separate to my services for Beach House Editors. For authors I represent as a literary agent, I never charge editorial fees (that's a given). If I'm working with an editorial client through Beach House Editors, happen to absolutely fall in love with his or her manuscript, decide to offer to represent the writer (who then accepts my offer and signs with me), in that case I will not charge an editorial fee. Please be aware this does not usually happen and should not be expected.

If you would like to find out more about my editorial services and fees, please contact me.