• Proofreading
  • Copy-editing
  • Content editing
  • Manuscript evaluation
  • Query letters
  • Formatting
  • Advice about literary agents and querying
  • Self-publishing assistance




"I've worked as an editor for the past ten years. I can offer suggestions about how to improve all elements of your manuscript, including hooking your reader with that all-important first chapter, pacing, plot, character development and voice. I can offer a professional eye and help you polish your manuscript into one that will get agents' attention."

A reader for a major new york literary agency

"I read and evaluate manuscripts, offering my opinion on the strengths, weaknesses and salability of each. I'm an avid follower of the Publishers Marketplace deals page. I have an insider's knowledge about the types of books agents represent and are looking for."

A published author and experienced editor

"I'm an agented, published author of three novels of upmarket commercial fiction published by a Big Five publishing house. I've been through all stages of the querying, submission and editorial processes. I have good insight into what it takes to get published in today's competitive market. I've also worked as an academic writer and editor for twelve years, so can ensure that your manuscript is error-free."

A successfully self-published author and experienced copy-editor

"I'm the author of five self-published novels of contemporary commercial fiction, with sales exceeding 300,000 e-books. I am also an experienced copy-editor. I can help writers polish their work so it's the best it can be. I'll format your manuscript so it's ready to distribute and upload. Then I'll help guide you through the steps towards publishing your finished manuscript."

We work with book writers of all genres of fiction including literary, commercial, women's fiction, thrillers, historical, romance and young adult. We also work with writers of nonfiction for select projects including memoirs.

We do not edit poetry, screenplays, picture books or middle grade fiction.

We are experienced industry professionals and we pride ourselves on Quick, Quality, cost-effective service. 

Edited, cleanly-presented work is much more likely to be read by industry professionals. And self-published books are more likely to be recommended and positively reviewed if they are professionally presented.


We work with aspiring and established traditionally-published and self-published authors. We can help you get your book ready. And we can help you navigate the best path towards publication.