I'll offer feedback about how to improve and polish your query letter and the first ten pages of your manuscript. I'll make sure you're presenting a concise, well-constructed, error-free query letter. I'll offer suggestions about how to improve your pitch and the opening pages of your manuscript. Clean, well-presented work stands out from the crowd. $125

query letter and first ten pages: critique and edit

I'll read your complete manuscript, making comments throughout, using Microsoft Word track changes. I'll comment on inconsistencies, problems with continuity, believability issues and other developmental and structural suggestions that arise as I read. I'll provide a 1-2 page report highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of your book, including feedback on plot, pacing, structure, voice, style and character development. I'll let you know what I think works and what needs attention. I'll offer my opinion about the marketabiliy of your project. I'll include recommendations for editing. Up to 80,000 words: $700; 80,000 to 100,000 words: $800

DEvelopmental edit

I'll read through your manuscript, fine-tuning with a professional eye. I'll ensure that the syntax of your writing is smooth, that your writing is grammatically correct and free of spelling errors, and that your punctuation is correctly placed. I'll comment on inconsistencies, repetitive words and I'll highlight other stylistic suggestions as they arise. I use track changes as I edit. Please note that this is a fine-tuning for manuscripts that have most likely gone through several drafts. This service is ideal for writers who are ready to query agents or are intending to self-publish and would like to present their best work. $.014 per word

copy edit

This is a two-step process. I'll provide a full developmental edit and report. You'll revise your manuscript within a time frame that works for you. I'll then do a copy edit of your revised work. The final outcome will be a focused, polished work that has been thoroughly edited with the market in mind, ready to present to industry professionals or to self-publish. $.022 per word

Developmental & Copy Edit

This service is separate to a copy edit and is particularly useful for authors who plan to self-publish, but can also be useful to writers presenting their work to industry professionals. I'll format your book using Calibre software. I'll ensure that all text, headings, captions and images are properly placed and complete. I'll add stylish detailing and flourishes to give your book a professional look. I'll create a table of contents and ensure that pagination matches the contents list. I'll add button links to social media, email and author platform web links. Once you've looked through the manuscript and approved all changes, I'll provide files in .docx, .pdf, .epub, and .mobi formats. These files will be upload-ready for all major publishing platforms and/or to send to readers, bloggers and industry professionals. Price varies according to the length of the manuscript and the number of links contained within it. A general pricing guide: up to 75,000 words with 20 chapters and 10 links: around $300. Please contact me for an obligation-free quote.

Please note: I do not format separate files for paperback books.



I use PayPal. Credit cards and debit cards are also accepted through PayPal. I ask for a payment of half the fee before I begin. Turnaround is three weeks or less.

Please do not query me or seek literary representation through this site.