Choose some or all of the services below. We cater to the individual needs of each client on a case-by-case basis. We'll discuss your project with you and work with you to provide exactly what you need to self-publish your work to a professional standard.

WE'LL proofread your manuscript

We'll make sure that all text, headings, captions and images are properly placed and complete. We'll ensure that pagination matches the Contents list. We'll check all end-of-chapter breaks. We'll fix errors of spelling, punctuation and grammar, querying any inconsistencies. If we feel there are larger editorial issues that need to be addressed, we'll advise the author of this. $0.0080 per word

We'll copy-edit your book

We'll fine-tune your manuscript with a professional eye. We'll ensure that the syntax of your writing is smooth, that your writing is grammatically correct and free of spelling errors, and that your punctuation is appropriately and correctly placed. We use Microsoft Word track changes as we edit, so all changes are easy to see. As you read through the edits, you can reject or accept any suggested changes made by us. $0.013 per word

We'll provide a complex copy-edit

A manuscript may require an in-depth copy-edit. A copy-edit is considered to be complex if there are three or more issues per line that need to be addressed. Each manuscript is assessed on a case-by-case basis. $0.0194 per word

We'll format your E-book

This service is separate to a proofread or a copy-edit and is particularly useful for authors who plan to self-publish, but can also be useful to authors who would like to provide specific file types to literary agents or other publishing professionals. We'll provide complete, formatted documents in all four of the following formats: .docx, .pdf, .epub, .mobi. These files will be upload-ready for all major publishing sites (Amazon KDP, Kobo, Apple, Smashwords, B&N, etc.) and/or to send to readers, bloggers and industry professionals. We'll consult with the author about live button links (to social media sites, author websites, etc.), email and web links and other options authors might like to include. Price varies according to the length of the manuscript and the number of links contained within it. A general pricing guide: up to 80,000 words with 20 chapters and 10 links: around $300. Please contact us for an obligation-free quote.

Please note: at this stage, we do not format separate files for paperback books.

We 'll discuss your ideas with you before we begin so we can get an idea of your vision for the kind of cover art you'd like. We'll then provide five stock images for you to choose from. From the cover art you choose, we'll create a professional-looking book cover and size it to fit Amazon's specifications. We allow for three rounds of revisions to ensure you're getting a cover you love. $300

we'll create a book cover


We use PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can also pay by credit card or debit card. For most projects, we require a down payment of half the cost of the work you require. We work quickly, and we'll give you an idea of how long each project will take before we start. If we have any questions, we'll keep in contact so we can ensure you're getting the best possible service.

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We can help you create an amazon account

In the rapidly changing landscape of publishing today, self-published authors are some of the most successful in the industry. Many authors are now choosing self-publishing over traditional publishing because there are so many benefits. First, you maintain total control over your product. You can change the cover, edit the book content, update your metadata, add link buttons within your book so readers can find you online, and you retain all rights to your work. Authors who self-publish also get paid once a month, rather than once every three, four or six months, as with most traditional publishing companies.

We'll work with you to create your Amazon account. Amazon makes it very easy for authors to publish e-books. Even so, some people prefer to have help and guidance. We can provide that help. We'll guide you through the process of filling in all the necessary information about you and your book, including the title, author name and book description/blurb. We'll help you select the most accurate categories for your book so you can effectively target your book to customers. Seven search words are required by Amazon for each book; we can help you pinpoint the most effective key words with proven analytics software. We'll then upload your book cover file, your book content file and help you price your book. Finally, we'll click PUBLISH. Within 12-72 hours, your book will be available for customers to buy.

We charge $50 per hour for general assistance with self-publishing.

Setting up an Amazon account and uploading your finished book usually takes 2-3 hours.

FAQs about our self-publishing services

Do you help authors publish their books through other online retail outlets? Or just Amazon?

Since Amazon accounts for upwards of 80% of all digital book sales, and since Amazon provides many advantages to authors who publish exclusively through the Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) program, our services include publishing on only. If an author enrolls in the KDP program - which we recommend - your book will also be available for purchase on Amazon's international sites, including the United Kingdom (, Australia (, Canada (, India (, Italy (, Germany (, France ( and Japan ( This is easy to set up when you price your book and is included in our service.

Will you take a percentage of my royalties once my book is published?

No. Once your book is published, the royalties are all yours. We'll also advise you about pricing your book so you'll get the highest possible royalty percentages while still pricing your book to its market.

How do you create my Amazon account? Doesn’t this require bank account and other personal information?

We work with you as you feel most comfortable. To begin with, we'll help you open your account with just your name. Then we'll create a sales page for your book with all the information you need to showcase your book -- like the title, author name, book description, categories to best find your audience, search words, book cover, book content and price. Once this information is in place, we can either assist you in filling in the more personal information required for your account, or we can instruct you through the process of changing your account password so you can fill in your own details before clicking 'publish'. Your bank account details and tax information will need to be entered into your Amazon account before you publish your book so you can receive your royalties from book sales. You can change your account password anytime. Every client is different so we'll work with you to create the scenario that suits you best. At all times and at all stages of your publishing journey, we guarantee complete confidentiality. Customer privacy and satisfaction is always our number one priority. We do not record or store clients' personal information. We are firm believers in promoting good karma, both in our business and in life in general.

Do you help authors publish their books as e-books or as paperbacks? Or both?

At this stage, we work with e-book publishing only.

My book has illustrations and color pictures in it. Can you still help me publish?

We can format your book if it has a limited number of illustrations. We can also embellish your novel with stylish designs for headers and chapter titles. We do not, however, format and upload picture books. Most of the authors we work with are writers of adult or young adult fiction. When we assess your project, we'll make sure we can present it in the best possible way before agreeing to take it on. Feel free to contact us and we'll discuss your options with you.

Should I be worried about copyrighting my book?

Your work is protected by law without formal registration. For more information about copyright click here.

What's better: traditional or self-publishing?

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Self-publishing and traditional publishing both have their advantages and disadvantages. The beauty of self-publishing is that the writer maintains total control over his or her book. You can change the content, cover, price - any aspect of your book - at any time, even after it's been published. The most difficult part of self-publishing, aside from writing the masterpiece itself, is marketing your book. Marketing takes time, money and a lot of effort, but can be well worth it when your book starts to sell -- because the other major advantage to self-publishing is that you can earn up to 70% of the royalties from your Amazon sales (depending how you price your book), and you're paid once a month. One other huge advantage to self-publishing is that it's almost instant. Your book can be uploaded in a matter of seconds and available for purchase within twelve hours.

The upsides of traditional publishing are many: your publishing house will edit your book and provide all copyediting, proofreading, formatting and cover design services, and will publish and distribute the book in e-book, paperback and sometimes hardcover and audio book editions. They will market the book (although authors are also expected to engage readers by building an author platform), and their expertise and network will hopefully result in good sales. Professional, experienced editors and publicists can certainly make or break a book. Having a dedicated team of savvy experts preparing and promoting your book can be, of course, hugely advantageous. A publishing house will usually pay you an advance (although digital-only publishing deals often don't include an advance) -- which then must be 'earned out' (you won't earn royalties until your book has earned back the amount of the advance you were paid). They will help promote you as an author. And your agent can sell your book in foreign territories, which means one book can get multiple publishing deals. There's also an undeniable kudos that goes along with a traditional publishing deal. You will forevermore be A Published Author, and that's no small thing. The downsides of traditional publishing should, however, also be taken into consideration. First, your publisher controls all aspects of your book. They decide in which directions the content will be edited, they choose the cover art and they own the rights to your work. Traditional publishers generally pay around 8-10% royalties on paperback sales and around 25% of net digital sales, paid to you once every three, four or six months. The reality is: you need to sell a lot more books at a 25% royalty rate than you do if you're earning 70%. Hopefully, the marketing machine behind your traditional publishing deal will generate those sales for you. The truth is, that doesn't always happen.

If you decide you'd like to go the traditional publishing route, first you'll need to get a literary agent. You'll need to do your research, find a number of agents who are interested in the kind of books you write, send them a one-page query letter and wait for their reply. Be prepared to be ignored and/or receive a number of rejection letters. Approximately one percent of writers who attempt to get signed with an agent actually do. This shouldn't discourage the dedicated writer, though. Perseverance often pays off, if your work is good enough. If/when you do get an agent, he or she will present your book to acquiring editors at a number of publishing houses. If your book is exceptionally well-written, relevant and 'unputdownable', you'll get offered a publishing contract. Then your editor will offer suggestions for editing and you'll revise several times before your book is proofread, given a cover, printed, marketed, distributed to book stores, etc. This process can take a year or sometimes longer.

BEACH HOUSE EDITORS can provide assistance to writers who would like to pursue a traditional publishing deal and writers who would prefer to self-publish. In both cases, you'll need to present clean, well-edited, professionally-presented work. We can help you do that.

How do I get a literary agent?


Getting an agent is difficult. We can help improve your chances.